Fibroids Sepcialist in India - Dr Rishma Pai

Subserosal Fibroids

Subserosal Fibroids are those, which grow on the outer side of the uterus. These usually cause no problems unless they grow very big when they start causing pressure on the urinary bladder or intestines or start showing as a bulge in the lower part of the stomach.

Only the large serosal Fibroids need to be removed. This surgery can be done by making a cut on the stomach (abdomen) which is usually a bikini scar or by the new method of keyhole, buttonhole (laparoscopic) surgery.

Fibroids Sepcialist in India - Dr Rishma Pai

By both methods the tumour is removed and the gap on the womb is stitched. Nowadays even large Fibroids are being removed by the laparoscopic route due to the availability of a new machine called morcellator, which reduces the tumor to small pieces.

The surgery is cosmetic as there is no large scar. Furthermore the patient has to stay in hospital only for 2-3 days.

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