Fibroids Sepcialist in India - Dr Rishma Pai

Sub-Mucous Fibroids

Submucous Fibroids: The Fibroids which cause maximal problems are the submucous ones which grow on the inner side of the womb - where the baby grows or the part which sheds during menses. Even small submucous Fibroids can cause pain, heavy and irregular menses, infertility, recurrent abortions and difficulty in normal delivery.

Even small submucous Fibroids need to be removed and this is achieved by hysteroscopic surgery. A thin telescope with a camera attached to it (hysteroscope) is introduced into the womb through the vagina and the fibroid is shaved off.

This is a surgery which gives rapid recovery and relief to the patient and can be achieved without any stitches or cuts.

Cervical Fibroids grow in the wall of the cervix (mouth of the womb) and are difficult to remove without damaging the surrounding area.

They maybe removed by the vaginal route or sometimes by laparoscopic surgery. They are some o the most difficult Fibroids to remove. Occasionally, a hysterectomy (removal of the womb) may be required in cases of large cervical Fibroids.

A patient may have one or many Fibroids or may have one type of fibroid or a number of different types.

Fibroids Sepcialist in India - Dr Rishma Pai

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